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Deploying to s3 with Hexo

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Today I deployed a static site to s3 and cloudfront using hexo, it was a nice exercise. The only fiddly and slightly annoying part is that hexo relies on and was built using node.js. I haven’t checked in on node for a long while and running it painlessly and without hitting dependency warnings galore seems to be difficult on OSX. Ignoring those small downsides, the rest of the experience is good. Templating and post generation is easy and fast, deployment to s3 and cloudfront using a plugin is straightforward. For someone who has previously used LAMP based database driven blog and cms software to build simple websites, static sites make a lot of sense for these use cases.

I’m late to the party, but I think I like it.

Next steps:

  • Write a tutorial of the setup process, covering some tricky AWS points.